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GBS-706 Wireless break glass detector

GBS-706 Wireless break glass detector

1.Software driven, 8/12 bit microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing (8MHz)
2.High frequency sound pressure detection
3.Full audio spectrum 7 frequency signal and impact analysis including infra-sound pressure analysis
4.Digital RFI/EMI filtering, extremely higti immunity
5.Unique acoustic microphone chamber and casing design
6.Manual sensitivity settings to avoid false alarm
7.Environmental economy, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant

Product Details

GBS-706 Wireless break glass detector

1.GBS-706 glass break crush detector can distinguish the special voice from perimeter when the glass fracture, it receives the microphone to of the process figures of the audio frequency signal filter and analytical(seven frequency filter, bump shot and vibration wave form analysis)and compare a memory database, then decide thus whether alert signal.
2. The monitor scope of locator is one whole room(with window how much irrelevant)in the meantime its intelligent degree be in a row adjustable, assurance can set a best work to order according to the environment circumstance-defend misinformation but don't reduce an intelligent degree.


1.Operating Voltage:12VDC


3.Installation location: ceiling or wall

4.Alarm indicator: Red LED lights on for 3 seconds

5.Tamper switch